Varieties of Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry bushes are wonderful plant for gardeners who have the proper soil for the somewhat picky genus of plants. In addition to offering sweet, bell-shaped blooms, the plant offers its famous fruit. Rich in antioxidants, blueberries are a healthy and tasty fruit that is harvested throughout the world. There are a number of varieties of blueberry bushes that are cultivated for their ornamental value and for their fruits.

Shiny Blueberry

Native to the American Southeast, Shiny Blueberry (Vaccinium myrsinites) is a low-growing, dense shrub that produces deep blue-black berries. The plant reaches a maximum height of about 3 feet and boasts small, waxy leaves and pinkish white flowers that blossom in the spring. Excellent for attracting hummingbirds and songbirds, Shiny Blueberry is an easily maintained shrub that requires little care once established. The plant does best in full sunlight in well-drained, sandy soil.

Rabbiteye Blueberry

Named for its immature pinkish berries that resemble rabbit eyes, Rabbiteye Blueberry is a large shrub notable for its rich green foliage, which turns a deep crimson or orange in the fall. Spring brings bell-shaped, pinkish flowers, followed by edible fruits in the summer. Native to the Southeastern United States, Rabbiteye Blueberry is easy to grow in sandy, acidic soils. The plant prefers full sunlight, though it will grow fairly well with some shade.


The largest blueberry native to the United States is the Sparkleberry (Vaccinium arboreum), a large shrub or small tree that can reach heights of up to 30 feet in ideal conditions, although this is somewhat rare. The Sparkleberry offers deep green oval foliage, columns of white, bell-shaped flowers and bitter, glossy blue-black fruits that are coveted by numerous bird species. The drought-tolerant plant will grow in full sun or partial shade, preferring sandy, well-drained soils that are either neutral or acidic.

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