How to Buy Real Ficus Trees


The ficus tree is a popular indoor plant found at most garden centers. It is widely used as a large specimen tree in interior landscapes. It grows rapidly and requires little maintenance compared with other indoor plants. Although this plant is popular in interior landscapes, many people are switching to artificial ficus trees. Many retail stores are now only carrying artificial trees, so it can take a little bit of a search to find a real ficus tree.

Step 1

Travel to a local garden center. Pick a garden center that is fairly large and has a sizable inventory of plants. Smaller garden centers may not carry ficus trees.

Step 2

Talk with a garden center employee for assistance with ficus trees. Although the Ficus benjamina is the most popular, there are other varieties that have more-compact growth and lower light requirements.

Step 3

Ask the garden center if they can special order a ficus tree variety if they don't carry it. Try not to settle for what they have if it won't work at your location. The tree will ultimately decline and possibly die if it's not suited for your location.

Step 4

Purchase the ficus tree and follow the included care instructions. If neglected, the ficus won't be successful for you in the long term.


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