How to Buy a Ghost Orchid


The ghost orchid, also known as Dendrophylax lindenii, is native to Florida, Cuba and many other Caribbean islands, according to First discovered in 1844, this strange orchid has no leaves. Instead it has air roots that latch onto trees. Ghost orchids are very rare; there are only about 1,200 in the wild in Florida's swamps. However, ghost orchids can be bought as seedlings and grown at home.

Step 1

Find a local nursery that sells orchids and inquire about ghost orchids. Many orchid dealers do not sell ghost orchids because they are a bit difficult to grow, but your local orchid dealer or orchid society may know a local nursery that carries one. Order a ghost orchid through your local orchid nursery if possible.

Step 2

Find a nursery online that can ship you a ghost orchid seedling if you cannot find a local one. Try to buy a more mature seedling, if possible, as they have a better success rate than smaller seedlings.

Step 3

Prepare a terrarium for the ghost orchid. They need a wire or wooden mount, little indirect sunlight and a constant source of humidity in order to survive.

Things You'll Need

  • Terrarium


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