How to Make a Corsage With a Fresh Orchid


Whether you're attending your first prom, a wedding or another formal occasion, wearing a fresh floral corsage pulls your outfit together. Making a corsage at home from a fresh orchid blossom proves to be an easy-to-achieve task that only requires a few basic materials. Orchids provide an exotic touch to even the most classic formal wear and can even be worn with a casual springtime ensemble.

Step 1

Choose an orchid that matches the outfit with which you want to wear it. Orchids vary in color from white to black with virtually every variation of hue in between. Some orchid varieties even resemble roses.

Step 2

Snip the stem from the orchid flower, leaving about an inch of the bud.

Step 3

Apply a line of hot glue along the length of the lace strip of material.

Step 4

Wrap the material tightly around the inch-long stem. Make sure the glue is facing the stem.

Step 5

Choose a thin silk ribbon of any length and make it into a simple bow.

Step 6

Apply a small dot of glue to the center of the bow and adhere it to the lace-covered stem of the orchid flower. Allow the flower to dry for 10 minutes.

Step 7

Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the brooch jewelry backing. Adhere the piece to the back of the ribbon in the center of it. Let it dry for a couple of minutes before trying to wear it.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh orchid
  • Scissors
  • Strip of lace material (2 inches by 5 inches length)
  • Silk ribbon
  • Glue gun with glue
  • Jewelry brooch pin
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