How to Trellis a Cucumber


Backyard gardeners love cucumbers because they're relatively easy to grow and develop quickly, according to the University of Illinois. As a vine crop, cucumbers benefit from having a trellis. Trellises lend support to the vine and help keep the fruit from touching the ground or the vine, thus encouraging straight cucumber shapes. Though you can buy wire cones and commercially constructed trellises in garden stores, you can also quickly make your own cheap cucumber trellis.

Step 1

Pound a 6- or 7-foot stake approximately 2 feet into the ground at one end of your row of cucumber plants.

Step 2

Pound another stake of equal size into the ground at the other end of the cucumber row. For the best support, North Carolina State University advises against spacing the stakes apart by more than 15 feet. If your cucumber row is longer than this, set up several pairs of stakes.

Step 3

Tie a #8 wire between the top of the two stakes. Make the wire as taut as possible. Connect a #12 wire between the bottom of the stakes, elevated approximately 2 to 3 inches off the ground.

Step 4

Tie garden twine between the two wires so that the twine is oriented in a vertical position. Place twines adjacent to each of your cucumber plants, or approximately 8 to 10 inches apart.

Step 5

Train the cucumber vine onto its respective column of garden twine. Wrap its flexible tendrils around the twine in a vertical fashion. Repeat as needed until the vine is clambering upwards on its own.

Step 6

Cut off the bottom four to six side stems that emerge from the cucumber vine as you train it up the trellis. This encourages stronger vine growth and greater fruit production, according to North Carolina State University.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 wood or metal stakes
  • Mallet or hammer
  • Wire
  • Garden twine


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