How to Plant Beautiful Flowers


Whether you're moving onto a new property or you want to improve the look of your current landscape, planting beautiful flowers is enriching for even the novice gardener. From sun-loving wildflowers to fragrant roses and other varieties, planting beautiful flowers in your yard beautifies your home landscape and brings life to dull surroundings.

Step 1

Find out the plant hardiness zone in which you live. Knowing the zone you live in makes a difference with the types of flowers you are planting.

Step 2

Choose a variety of flower seeds that thrive in your growing zone. Some beautiful flowers include daisies, petunias, dahlias and rose bushes of numerous varieties. To do this, simply look on the back of the flower seed packets to see if they grow in your hardiness zone.

Step 3

Prepare the dirt in the area of your choice by breaking it apart with a garden hoe, and enriching it with potting soil and mulch. An ideal mulching material is peat moss or wood chips.

Step 4

Plant sun-loving flower seeds, such as tulips or asters, at the front borders of your flower beds.

Step 5

Plant flowers such as rose bush seedlings at the shaded areas of your garden plot to take advantage of the lush colors of the beautiful flowers in your environment.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted flower seeds
  • Gardening equipment
  • Soil additives/enrichment

Who Can Help

  • Usda: Plant Hardiness Zone Map
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