How to Trim Magnolia Trees


Magnolia grandiflora, the southern magnolia tree, is loved in the south for its large white flowers and heady fragrance. A mature tree can reach 80 feet tall, spreading its branches to a 30 to 40 foot radius. Minimal trimming to support the tree's health and maintain the strong natural shape is recommended. Take care to avoid overpruning; remove only what is necessary to maintain a healthy tree.

Step 1

Clean pruning tools in alcohol before use to sterilize and avoid spreading disease.

Step 2

Trim away dead, diseased and damaged limbs immediately. Cut back to a healthy branch or to the trunk. Make a clean cut just above the branch collar, leaving no stubs. The branch collar is the swelling where the branch attaches to the trunk.

Step 3

Do routine pruning in the early spring while the tree is still dormant. Maintain the natural shape of the tree, trimming branches growing outside the pattern only as necessary.

Step 4

Remove branches that rub together or against other landscape structures. Make clean cuts and avoid damaging the tree bark.

Step 5

Remove trimmed branches and debris from the area.

Step 6

Trim flowers for indoor use by cutting the branch below the flower. Handle by the stem to prevent bruising the flowers. Cut flowers just before using; magnolia flowers turn brown and spoil quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand saw
  • Rubbing alcohol


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