How to Prepare Watermelon Seeds


Watermelons are a summer favorite. Not only are they delicious to eat, but they are fairly simple to plant and grow. In areas with a long growing season, watermelon seeds can be planted directly in the garden. In colder areas, with shorter growing seasons, they should be planted indoors, in peat pots, close to the time of last frost.

Site Preparation

Step 1

Select an area that will receive plenty of sun and good air circulation, where plants won't be crowded. Watermelons need full sun (8 to 12 hours of unfiltered sunlight a day), and lots of room to grow, as their vines can get up to 15 feet or more in length.

Step 2

Amend soil with composted manure, which is rich in nitrogen, for strong, healthy plants, and builder's sand to improve drainage, two to four weeks before planting.

Step 3

Cover planting area with black plastic to warm the soil thoroughly.

Areas with Long Growong Seasons

Step 1

Create hills 4 to 5 feet apart.

Step 2

Plant seeds, three or four to a hill, once soil is thoroughly warmed. Cover seeds with 1 to 2 inches of amended soil, and firm the top of each hill.

Step 3

Water hills so that they are thoroughly moist, and keep consistently moist until seedlings are 1 to 2 inches high.

Areas with Short Growing Seasons

Step 1

Plant two seeds to each individual peat pot, in a mixture of compost and peat moss, around the time of last frost.

Step 2

Plant seedlings in the garden after two to three weeks, when all danger of frost is past, and soil is thoroughly warmed.

Step 3

Water thoroughly and keep moist until seedlings are well established.

Things You'll Need

  • Space
  • Sunlight
  • Composted manure
  • Builder's sand
  • Shovel
  • Black plastic
  • Watermelon seeds
  • Individual peat pots


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