How to Grow Fig Trees in Pots


Fig trees are an ancient cultivated fruit tree whose origins can be traced back to western Asia and the Mediterranean. The sweet fleshy fruit is a favorite of the summer months. This warm weather tree takes well to container growing, and often produces better with slightly crowded roots. Keep your potted fig on a porch or terrace through the summer months and bring it indoors before the first frost, your fig will grow and produce for many years.

Step 1

Fill a 15-inch planting pot half full with a loose well draining potting soil mix. Make sure the pot has several drainage holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

Step 2

Turn your fig sapling on its side and gently wiggle the nursery pot free from the root ball. Thin plastic pots can be cut away from the root system.

Step 3

Hold the fig sapling over the pot so that the base of the stem is about 3 inches below the lip of the pot.

Step 4

Fill in the soil under and around the root ball. Cover the bottom 2 inches of the stem with soil and pat it down firmly. Water the pot until water seeps from the drainage holes.

Step 5

Place your potted fig in a sunny area, either on a porch or in a bright window. Water two to three times a week to keep the soil moist but not saturated.

Step 6

Fertilize your fig tree three times the first year with 1/2 lb. of nitrogen split up into three applications. Apply the first application in the mid February, the second application in April or May and the last application in July or August.

Step 7

Take your fig tree out of its pot every three years, prune any roots that are bound around the root ball and remove broken and damaged roots.

Step 8

Replace the soil in the pot with fresh well draining potting soil mix and replant the tree. Water the soil until it drains from the holes in the bottom.

Things You'll Need

  • 15-inch planting pot
  • Potting soil
  • Nitrogen fertilizer


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