How to Care for Indoor Norfolk Pine Tree Plants


Gardeners with sunny indoor growing spaces and a taste for the unusual might choose a Norfolk pine tree as an evergreen houseplant. While Norfolk pines may appear significantly different from other houseplants because of their evergreen foliage, they have standard light requirements and minimal watering and fertilizing needs (not unlike many other indoor plants). Care for indoor Norfolk pine tree plants to keep them healthy and vibrant in your home.

Step 1

Place the Norfolk pine in an indoor location that receives bright, indirect light. Rotate the planting container slightly once per week to allow sunlight to fall on all sides of the plant. According to the Colorado State University website, Norfolk pines need an indoor environment with daily temperatures approximately 70 degrees F and nightly temperatures approximately 55 degrees F.

Step 2

Water the Norfolk pine when the top inch of potting soil feels dry to your touch. Provide only enough water to moisten the soil evenly, allowing excess water to drain through the drainage holes to ensure the Norfolk does not sit in standing water.

Step 3

Fertilize an established Norfolk pine approximately every three months by mixing fertilizer with water according to package recommendations for the size of your plant. Pour the fertilizer carefully over the soil but do not allow fertilizer to splash onto the plant foliage. Water the Norfolk immediately after fertilizing to ensure the fertilizer does not burn the plant. If the Norfolk enters dormancy over the winter months and stops growing, suspend fertilization until the plant breaks dormancy the following spring.

Step 4

Expose the Norfolk pine to humidity during the winter months to keep it healthy. Place it in a steamy bathroom once or twice per week. Another alternative is to fill a shallow dish with pebbles and water (the water should reach just below the tops of the pebbles). Place the dish of pebbles beneath the planting container and keep the water replenished throughout the winter. The moisture from the water will raise the humidity level around the Norfolk pine.

Step 5

Move a Norfolk pine to a larger container when the plant shows indications it is outgrowing its current container. When you notice roots poking out the bottom drainage holes and extending out to the inside edges of the container, move the pine up to a container that is approximately 4 inches larger in diameter. Give the Norfolk fresh potting soil at the time you repot.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose fertilizer (water-soluble)
  • Shallow dish
  • Pebbles
  • Larger container
  • Potting soil


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