How to Store Bunching Onions


Whether you know these mild onions as bunching onions or scallions, these tasty onions make an ideal spring addition to any sunny garden. Because bunching onions grow best in cool temperatures, plan to plant and harvest bunching onions early in the growing season. Bunching onions are perishable and have a shorter storage life than other onion varieties. After harvesting bunching onions, keep them at the proper temperature and moisture levels to ensure they stay fresh and viable.

Step 1

Place the bunching onions into the colander immediately after pulling them from the soil. Run water lightly over the onions to remove soil.

Step 2

Lay a double layer of paper towels onto the counter and spread the bunching onions out onto the paper towels. Cover the onions with another double layer of paper towels and blot the onions dry through the paper towels.

Step 3

Wrap the onions in a double layer of moistened paper towels. The moist paper towels will help keep the onions from drying out.

Step 4

Insert the bunching onions into the food storage bags. Seal the bags almost completely and squeeze out as much excess air as possible from the bags. Close the bags completely.

Step 5

Place the onion bags in cool storage (32 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal). Keep the onions for up to four weeks at 32 F. Storage time will decrease as the storage temperature increases. Keep onions for approximately one week at 50 F.

Things You'll Need

  • Colander
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic food storage bags (gallon size)


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