How to Dig Up Hostas


Because hosta plants thrive so abundantly in shady garden areas, they are a favorite of many gardeners. With their lush and dense foliage and delicate blossoms shooting up in midsummer, hostas lend themselves to both formal and casual landscapes. When you must relocate them, dig up hostas in the middle of the summer to ensure the plants will not suffer transplant shock. Moving hostas in the middle of the growing season will enable them to acclimate to new surroundings before temperatures become cold.

Step 1

Insert the tip of the shovel into the soil approximately 8 inches away from the outside perimeter of a hosta plant.

Step 2

Push the shovel gently down into the soil at least 8 to 12 inches to ensure you dig under the root system of the hosta plant.

Step 3

Remove the shovel from the soil and place it back into the soil immediately beside the first spot you dug. Push the shovel deep into the soil again.

Step 4

Continue pushing the shovel into the soil in a wide circle around the hosta plant. When you come around to your starting point, angle the blade of the shovel in toward the center of the hosta plant to dig beneath the roots. Reposition the shovel around the perimeter of the hosta again and continue digging beneath the roots.

Step 5

Lift the hosta plant carefully from the soil with the shovel. Place the hosta plant onto a tarp to enable you to either divide it or transfer it to a new growing location.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Tarp


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