Kinds of Perennial Flowers

Flowering perennial plants are a true joy to have in a garden, producing blooms year after year that are at once familiar and new. There are so many different kinds of flowering perennials that it can be difficult to choose just a few to plant in the yard, although low-maintenance plants are often preferable.

Mountain Marigold

Sweetly aromatic, easy to grow and cheerful in appearance, the brightly colored mountain marigold (Tagetes lemmonii) is a wonderful flowering perennial for gardeners with sunny gardens prone to droughts. The mountain marigold offers daisy-like yellow blooms accented by shrubby green leaves. Well-suited for full sunlight, mountain marigold will grow in most sandy, well-drained soils, and the plant is quite drought tolerant.

Showy Sedum

Native to China and Korea, showy sedum (Sedum spectabile) is a popular clumping perennial that produces dense clusters of small, brightly colored flowers. Excellent for attracting butterflies to the yard, showy sedum is an attractive and low-maintenance plant that also boasts lovely blue green, succulent leaves. Showy sedum should be grown in full sunlight, but the plant is slightly less picky about soil, growing in poor soils so long as they're well drained.

Cigar Plant

Native to the islands of the West Indies, as well as Mexico, the cigar plant (Cuphea ignea) is a tropical perennial shrub popular for its tubular, cigar-shaped red blooms. The plant produces its bright flowers throughout the summer, attracting legions of hummingbirds and butterflies. Easy to grow, and quick growing, the cigar plant does best in full sunlight or light shade with soil that is well drained. The plant is somewhat drought tolerant, but will appreciate the occasional watering.

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