How to Build a Wood Planter Container


Planter boxes offer homeowners, office workers and apartment dwellers a chance to grow their favorite flowers, vegetables or herbs even if they lack garden space or have poor soil. You can build a simple wood planter without any prior woodworking knowledge, experience or skill. Mount the planter on a deck or patio railing, wall, door or below a window to add interest and appeal to a spot while dressing it up.

Step 1

Cut five pieces of wood for a rectangular planter, using a circular saw. Measure the spot where you want to display the planter and cut the wood to match the length, height and width of your planned container garden. If you have not decided on a spot, it's best to plan on a planter no more than 3 feet wide and 7 to 9 inches high. Cut two identical front and back boards, two identical side boards, and a base as long as the front but with a width equal to that of the sides.

Step 2

Hold each wooden board and sand its edges so they are smooth.

Step 3

Place the front board on your work table, ensuring its lower edge lies flush against the table. Align a short piece against one of the front board's corners so the joint is flush and the tops of both pieces are in line with each other. Drill three wood screws to join the pieces. This assembly of the front and side pieces creates a long, L-shaped structure.

Step 4

Place the back board on your work table and attach the second short piece to form another long, L-shaped structure.

Step 5

Arrange both structures on the work table so that they form a rectangular box without a top or base. Make sure the joints that form with the short side of one structure and the long side of another are flush. Drill wood screws on each corner to join the structures together.

Step 6

Drill ¾- to 1-inch drainage holes in the board that will serve as the base. Drill them randomly or in rows spaced equally apart, depending on your preference. Sand the surface around the holes to make it smooth.

Step 7

Place the base piece over the lower edges of the planter. Align it so it rests on all four edges evenly before drilling wood screws to secure it in place. Flip the planter so it rests on the base.

Things You'll Need

  • Five 1-inch-thick wooden boards
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Wood screws


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