Small Space Garden Ideas

Small space gardens present a unique challenge to gardeners. Plants are often sprawling, messy, and not designed for the cramped living environments we humans pack ourselves into. If you want your small space garden to succeed, you will have to look at it more as an interior decorating project than a gardening one. Think about the space you have and decide what elements would best contribute to the space as a whole.

Plan It For You

It's nice to have all the space you could possibly want for entertaining friends, growing vegetables and flowers, but in a small garden space, that just isn't possible. According to Apartment Therapy, if you want to get the most out of your small garden "think about exactly what you might like to do in the space, how often you plan to do it, and for how long." If you'd like to spend your time digging in the dirt, sacrifice hardscape (benches, fountains and the like) for more planting room. If it's important for your to be able to lounge and read a book in your garden sanctuary, plan exactly what sort of garden furniture you need for that before starting on the plants. Don't buy a single item until you have everything perfectly planned on paper, or you'll end up with an overcrowded mess.

Use Containers

Planters are a great way to economically use a small space. With a container garden, you can occupy most of your plot with hardscape and still have room for greenery. All About Planters recommends you "match the container with the type of plant you're growing." Grow herbs in small, low-profile planters tucked against a wall, but use deep, capacious planters for tomatoes and other plants with large root systems. Hang hooks from your fence or erect a trellis to add hanging planters with cascading flowers.

Keep the Sun in Mind

One of the most difficult aspects of small space gardens is the sun. No matter where you live, if you have a small apartment garden with high walls, you are not going to have enough hours of sunlight every day to grow sun-loving vegetables and flowers. Whatever your garden layout is like, use the sun you do have most efficiently on the plants that need it most. All About Planters recommends keeping shorter plants to the south and taller plants to the north side of your garden. This will prevent the taller plants from depriving the shorter of sunlight.

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