Pink Flower Arrangement Ideas

Delicate, subtle and unmistakeably feminine, pink flowers can soften the look of almost any floral arrangement. Used alone to create an entirely pink flower arrangement, they can take on an air of quiet sophistication and elegance. Use flowers that bloom in spring, summer and fall to create pink flower arrangements throughout the growing season.

Late Spring

Create a charming but small pink flower arrangement using dianthus, or "pinks," (Dianthus chinensis). These small flowers on 4- to 5-inch stems are perfect to mass in a small container and place on a bedside table or vanity. Put a handful into a china cream pitcher, a fluted-style champagne glass or any container small in diameter with straight, relatively deep sides. Their ruffled, "pinked" edges encase single blossoms in varying shades of pink and a haunting, clove-like scent that's not too strong for the bedside.


A summer-blooming flower available in a myriad of shades, including bi-colors, zinnias (Zinnia elegans) also come in shades of pink. They make an excellent long-lasting arrangement during the heat of summer, particularly when paired with sprigs of fresh basil (Ocimum basilicum var.). Zinnias don't have much of a floral scent, but the basil in this arrangement more than makes up for it. Use a piece of florist foam cut to fit your chosen container. Insert the zinnias first, beginning with the largest one and scattering the zinnias so they are evenly distributed throughout the arrangement. Fill in between the zinnias with sprigs of fresh basil. Both the basil and the zinnias will last a week or longer when kept at normal, warm, summertime room temperatures. Both basil and zinnias dislike a chill.

Early Fall

Considered the last of the summer flowers or the first of the autumn flowers, the aster (Aster novi-belgii and A. novae-angliae) includes pink among its variety of colors. Asters' generous width of 3 to 4 inches makes them an ideal flower to pair with roses in an arrangement. Roses (Rosa spp.) prefer cooler weather and many types, including pink varieties, put out a final flush of bloom in early fall. Whether you use florist foam and create a formal arrangement or simply cut a couple of handfuls and arrange them casually in a vase, an early fall pink arrangement can include two very different flowers, united by their common color.

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