How to Plant Sweet Potato Plants


Sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables. Also known as yams or tubers, sweet potatoes thrive in many environments when they are planted and cared for properly. All you need is a sweet potato from the grocery store and the proper soil.

Step 1

Place a 3-inch layer of sand in a planter pot. Place the sweet potato on the sand, and cover with an additional layer of moist sand.

Step 2

Keep the planter where it will continually be at room temperature for four to six weeks. Keep it moist with a spray bottle until the sweet potato sprouts grow to about 6 inches tall and have two leaves.

Step 3

Twist off the new shoots, or slips, gently to remove the roots from the sand. Place these slips on a dry paper towel for about three days, until small root hairs begin to grow.

Step 4

Create a mound of soil (equal parts sandy and good-quality potting soil) in a planter or in the ground that is around 12 inches highl and 12 inches wide. Poke a hole into the mound about 4 inches deep for each slip (at least 12 inches apart for multiple slips) and put the slip into the planting hole. Keep the sweet potatoes in a growing area with full sun.

Step 5

Water the young plant regularly to keep the soil moist until the sweet potato begins to grow. Once it is mature, its only needs watering about once a week, depending on your climate.

Things You'll Need

  • Sweet potato
  • Sand
  • Shovel
  • Spading fork


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