Asparagus Fern Requirements

Asparagus fern is not actually a fern at all; instead it is a part of the lily family, according to the Floridata Encyclopedia of Plants and Nature. Asparagus fern is an evergreen perennial that can grow up to 6 inches long. It has long, feathery-like leaves and makes it an ideal hanging plant. While it is often used as ground cover, it is actually quite invasive so it should only be grown in containers, according to the University of Florida.


Asparagus fern needs bright sunlight in which to thrive. While it will grow in partial shade, it will not sprout new growth readily and the leaves of the plant might yellow, according to Plant of the Week. Place it in a bright windowsill if growing indoors or in a bright spot in your yard if growing outdoors.


Asparagus fern grows best in a mixture of peat moss, loam and a little sand for drainage purposes, according to Plant of the Week. They will also grow well in potting soil with a little bit of peat moss and sand worked into it.


Native to South Africa, the asparagus fern grows best with adequate water during its growing season in the spring and summer. Keep the soil moist but not soaking. During the winter, keep the soil drier. It should be noted that the asparagus fern is somewhat drought-tolerant.

Fertilizer and Pruning

Prune and fertilize the asparagus fern every spring. Cut out any dead, damaged or diseased foliage and repot if the plant has gotten too large for the pot it is in. Apply a water-soluble, balanced fertilizer--such as 8-8-8--to the asparagus fern's soil in the spring as well after pruning and repotting.

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