Potted Plants for an Office

When so much of ones time is spent in an office, it makes perfect sense to introduce a little greenery. An indoor potted plant helps purify the air, while providing an attractive bit of color and nature. There are a number of plants that will thrive indoors in an office with just a little care and attention.

Christmas Palm

Native to the Philippines, Christmas palm (Adonidia merrillii) is a medium-sized palm that produces dark green palm fronds of about 4 feet in length. The Christmas palm is a simple way to introduce more greenery to an office or hallway. The plant grows best in full sunlight coming from the south or west of the office. A well drained, general purpose potting soil works fine for this plant. Water the Christmas palm frequently, keeping the soil moist but not wet. An occasional wipe down with a damp cloth over the plant's leaves will keep the Christmas palm looking healthy and fresh.

Column Cactus

Perfect for an office corner or entryway, column cactus (Cereus uruguayanus - syn Cereus peruvianus), also sometimes called apple cactus, is a tall growing ribbed cactus that can reach heights of up to 10 feet indoors. Native to South America, column cactus is a low maintenance plant that only needs to be watered every month or so. The plant does best in sunny locations, although it should not be left in front of a heating vent. Soil should be rocky and very well drained.

Gerber Daisy

Originally native to Africa, Madagascar and Asia, the Gerber daisy (Gerbera spp.) is a charming plant that thrives indoors in a pot. The plant is notable for its thick green foliage and its blooms, which are available in brilliant shades of pink, orange, yellow and red depending on the cultivar. Gerber daisies are perfect for an office desk, as they don't take up much space and will do fine in shade or partial, indirect sunlight. Gerber daisies prefer well-drained, moist soil.

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