How to Grow Herbs in Your Kitchen


Many types of fresh herbs are used in cooking, but buying them from the supermarket can cost a lot of money and dried herbs do not always provide the same kind of flavoring. You may think it would be difficult, but growing herbs in your own kitchen is not that hard to do and, once you get started, you will have a fun and inexpensive way to maintain a supply of fresh herbs for whenever you need them.

Step 1

Decide where you will put the herbs. Since many herbs require direct sunlight, growing them in an area near the window is best. If you do not have an available windowsill, consider growing them in small hanging containers that can be hung in front of the window.

Step 2

Choose the herbs you want to grow. Consider the type of cooking you do to help you decide which herbs you will try to grow. Classic favorites such as basil, oregano and thyme are easy to get started with and their flavors are used in many different types of cooking.

Step 3

Provide herbs with containers that have good drainage. Most herbs require a weekly watering, but herbs cannot tolerate their roots standing in water. Use containers that have good drainage holes for your herbs and empty trays underneath should they become full of water.

Step 4

Snip your herbs with scissors. Keep a small pair of scissors near your herbs to snip leaves off when you need them. This will not only provide you with fresh herbs for cooking, but the plants will thrive from their mini-pruning.

Step 5

Inspect your herbs for pests. Warm conditions inside the house are not only perfect for plants, but sometimes create the perfect environment for insects too. Check your herbs for signs of infestation when watering them and remove any fallen leaves from inside the container and around it.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant containers
  • Hanging baskets (optional)
  • Small scissors
  • Fluorescent lights (optional)


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