Bamboo Plant Types

Bamboo is a fast-growing, tall and strong grass. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in existence, with some species able to grow at a rate of 2 feet per day. Bamboo species are used for a variety of applications, including food, construction and decoration.

Running Bamboo

Running bamboo reproduces using underground rhizomes or "runners." These rhizomes shoot out from the main culms or stems of bamboo, then shoot out of the ground in a new culm. Running bamboo species tend to produce long lines of plants which are useful as hedges and privacy screens.

Clumping Bamboo

As the name implies, clumping bamboo grows in a tight clump. Rhizomes grow slowly outward from the grove in a tight, continuous clump. These bamboo species do not spread as quickly as running bamboo, but it is quite persistent and difficult to dig up. Because clumping bamboo grows so densely, it is difficult to remove all the roots to destroy a bamboo grove.

Lucky Bamboo

In spite of its popularity and similarity of appearance to bamboo, lucky bamboo is not actually a bamboo at all. Dracaena sanderana, or lucky bamboo, is a small, green plant capable of growing completely in water. It grows very slowly and reproduces from seeds.It is commonly propogated from cuttings.

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