Care of a Hydrangea Arrangement


If you've got a beautiful, blooming hydrangea in your garden, cut a few blooms and bring some of the beauty indoors. Hydrangeas make gorgeous cut flower arrangements, and the blooms are so huge that it only takes a few to fill a vase. Cut the blooms properly, keep them in fresh water, and your hydrangeas will have remarkable staying power.

Step 1

Cut hydrangeas in the morning when the temperature is cool. Well-hydrated blooms will last much longer. Immerse the stems in a bucket of cool water immediately.

Step 2

Cut an inch from each hydrangea stem while holding the stem under cool, running water. Cutting the stem under water will prevent the formation of tiny air bubbles that can block the intake of water. Make the cut at a sharp angle to enable the stem to absorb more water.

Step 3

Fill a clean vase with warm water (110 degrees Fahrenheit). Mix in a packet of floral preservative. Strip off the leaves that will be under the water, then place the hydrangeas in the warm water. Set the flowers aside to harden for three or four hours.

Step 4

Pour out the warm water and fill the vase with fresh, cool water and a new package of floral preservative. Arrange the hydrangeas as desired.

Step 5

Cut another inch from the bottom of the stems every two to three days. Refresh the water in the vase at this time, and add a new packet of floral preservative.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden shears
  • Bucket of cool water
  • Vase
  • Floral preservative


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