How to Arrange Citrus Trees in the Yard


Citrus trees serve as natural, ornamental showpieces in the landscape or as functional fruit crops. Proper arrangement of citrus trees reduces pruning requirements and potential property damage as the trees mature. Pre-planning how to arrange the citrus trees in the yard results in the best long-term placement for aesthetic and growing qualities.

Step 1

Measure the yard with a measuring tape and multiply the length and width to calculate the square footage. Draw a sketch with a pencil on a piece of paper to include the bare areas, garden beds, house and any other permanent items in the yard. Indicate on the sketch the distance between trees and yard items. Also show the locations of utility lines.

Step 2

Place an indicator mark on the paper for the first citrus tree location. Make the first tree location the focal point of the yard. Make sure the tree has enough room to grow and not interfere with any permanent items, water or sewer lines or power lines. Mature citrus trees reach an average height of 12 to 15 feet and need an average diameter of 5 to 10 feet of growing room per tree. Trees producing fruit need more growing room since pruning will not be as heavy as with ornamental citrus trees.

Step 3

Place a second indicator mark on the paper for the next citrus tree. Put the mark either in a horizontal or vertical direction from the initial tree. Follow the guidelines for space requirements. Repeat placing indicator marks in the same manner to arrange the trees in rows.

Step 4

Place more indicator marks for second, third and any additional rows. Skip this step if the arrangement is not by rows.

Step 5

Place subsequent trees away from the tree that's the focal point of your yard. Make sure it's not too close to the house, and keep it away from other trees--citrus trees do not compete well for natural light or soil nutrients.

Tips and Warnings

  • Citrus tree taproots damage septic systems. Never plant a citrus tree directly over a septic mound.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Paper and pencil


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