Plants in a Butterfly Garden

Growing flowers that are attractive to butterflies is an easy way to bring a little extra life into a garden, enhancing a yard by luring in color that flits through the air. If you are interested in bringing butterflies to your yard, choose from a wide range of shrubs and perennials that produce flowers that are enticing to butterflies.

Butterfly Weed

Named for its ability to attract legions of butterflies (Monarchs in particular), Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) is a low-maintenance perennial grown from a tuber. The plant has rich green foliage and dense clusters of small, bright orange flowers that emerge in midsummer. Native to open woods east of the Rockies in the United States, Butterfly weed is an easy-to-grow plant that requires little care. Butterfly weed grows best in full sunlight in well-drained, sandy soil.

Ginger Lily

Native to India, Ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium), also commonly called white butterfly ginger lily, is a lush perennial that produces floppy white flowers in midsummer through autumn. Highly attractive to butterflies, ginger lily is a fragrant flower that is often grown in wet or woodsy areas. The plant can reach heights of up to 7 feet if grown in the appropriate conditions. Ginger lily thrives in moist, rich soils. The tropical plant requires full sunlight or partial shade.

Coral Plant

A member of the Figwort family, coral plant (Russelia equisetiformis) is a tremendously long-blooming plant native to Mexico that produces bright red tubular flowers from spring until fall. The wiry shrub is highly attractive to both butterflies and hummingbirds, bringing both to the garden throughout the blooming season. Coral plant prefers humus-rich, well-drained soil in full sunlight or partial shade. The plant also grows well in hanging containers, allowing butterflies to approach a porch or overhang.

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