Easy Types of Flower Arrangements

You can't go wrong when creating a floral arrangement. The magic of flowers and greenery is that they look stunning combined or alone within a vase or container. Small or large, flowers have the ability to transform a space with their ruffly petals and unusual color combinations. A draping bloom, a variegated leaf, are all small details of the flower that make an arrangement magical. Have fun combining favorite blooms, mixing and matching colors together.

Herb Mix

Incorporate herbs into a summer floral arrangement for an aromatic design and sweet scent as you pass by. Herbs, such as rosemary, lavender and mint, help to create a stunning summer arrangement and have a natural beauty to their shape. Place herbs into a vase with other flowers or create an all-herb arrangement to use at a festive occasion. Adding in bright flowers growing within the floral arrangement creates a showy display. To create a quick and easy mix of herbs and flowers, use sprigs of mint, or whatever you have growing in the garden, and mix them with dahlia blooms. Dahlias come in a wide range of colors and shapes, including dinner plate dahlias that are oversized, or variegated dahlias that have more than one color swirled together. Stick them within the herbs to create an ideal balance of colorful blooms and green accents. Add the flowers to an unusual vessel like a science beaker or jelly jar.

Spring Mix

Use flowers growing within the garden or found at a farmer's market to create a simple spring bouquet. Grown in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, an all spring flower arrangement creates a show-stopping design and one that is full of color and texture. Begin with a favorite spring flower like peonies and ranunculus. Both have large, full flowerheads that create the base of the arrangement. Ranunculus, also called Persian buttercups, have crepe-thin petals and grow in a rainbow of different colors. Alongside the large flowers, add smaller spring flowers like Dutch crocus, grape hyacinth and daffodils.

Perennial Mix

Perennials make easy flower arrangements because oftentimes they are found in our backyards growing happily and healthily. Many perennial flowers make ideal fresh cut blooms because of their tall, upright and erect stems that stand perfectly within the vase. Use a mix of perennials to create a "wild" bouquet filled with whatever you have in the garden or find in season. Coneflowers and black-eyed Susan both have erect stems that create full and long-lasting arrangements. The bright flowerheads of both remain vibrant within the bouquet to complement other blooms. Other perennials flowers, like coreopsis, shasta daisies and yarrow, are ideal stuffed in between the taller blooms to create a full and balanced arrangement. Add in a sprig of green euphorbia, or whatever you have on hand, for a bit of contrasting color.

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