How to Make an Orchid Corsage


Dress up your ensemble with a beautiful and fragrant orchid corsage. Pluck your home-grown orchids from your garden, backyard or planter. Select a color to complement your dress, or keep it white so it goes with everything. Wear your corsage to occasions such as dinner parties, birthdays, prom nights, weddings or tea parties. Your delicate orchid corsage forms a mini-bouquet on your wrist or pinned to your lapel that stands out and draws attention.

Step 1

Snip the stems of your two main orchids down to 2 inches. Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. Snip the stems of the "filler" elements, such as small orchids, baby's breath, fern fronds or ivy leaves, to 2 inches as well.

Step 2

Arrange both large orchids so they form an X shape, with blooms facing in opposite directions. Hold the point where the stems naturally overlap one another, usually about 1 inch below the blooms, and wind a length of floral tape around this spot to secure them together.

Step 3

Lower a small orchid directly over the overlapping stems to cover the joint. Arrange it so it conceals the tape and stems completely before securing it in place with floral tape. If you like, add two or three smaller orchids around the central group to give your corsage a fuller look. Use same or different colored blooms, and wrap floral tape around their stems to prevent them from coming loose.

Step 4

Arrange the foliage around your corsage. Lift it and determine whether you want to arrange these fillers around the flowers, or on any two sides. Join the stems to the arrangement with tape.

Step 5

Flip your corsage over and trim stems of orchids or foliage that protrude from the arrangement.

Step 6

Wind a length of elastic band around your wrist, allowing for a 1-inch overlap, if you want a wrist corsage. Cut it off with a sharp pair of scissors and sew the ends together with a needle and matching thread to form a bracelet. Place it on your worktable in front of you.

Step 7

Lower the flower arrangement over the center of the elastic band bracelet. Arrange the flowers to conceal the band so it is not visible from the top of the arrangement. Sew over the stems to secure the flowers to the elastic band.

Step 8

Pin the corsage to your lapel, if you prefer, 4 inches below your left shoulder. Hold the corsage pin next to the lower left corner of any main stem and insert it into the garment fabric. Push the pin back out from inside the garment and lay it over the stem, then push its tip back into the fabric so the pin goes over the stem and holds it securely. Push the corsage pin out once more so its tip does not poke your skin. Repeat the procedure with a second corsage pin inserted at the upper left corner of the same stem, below the flower heads.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 large orchids
  • 1 to 4 small orchids
  • Baby's breath, ferns or ivy leaves
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Elastic band
  • Matching thread
  • Needle
  • 2 corsage pins, 2 inches long


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