How to Care for an Ivy Topiary


Ivy plants are fast-growing, attractive vines. Most are evergreen, and they can be trained around forms and pruned to grow into a wide variety of shapes, from animals to traditional, formal columns and spheres. Your ivy topiary requires the same care that free-growing ivy requires, which is not a lot. Ivy is a very hardy plant that thrives in cool, lower-light conditions--perfect for a shaded porch or even an indoor plant. With basic culture, your ivy topiary will thrive.

Step 1

Place your ivy topiary in a location where it will receive some bright, but indirect, light, such as some morning sun followed by afternoon shade or daylong dappled shade. Or place it next to a window that has a curtain to filter the sunlight.

Step 2

Water frequently. Ivy thrives in cool, moist soil, according to information published by the master gardeners of the "Emmitsburg News-Journal." Do not let the soil dry out, but don't water so much that the soil is overly soggy or muddy, which could lead to fungus growth.

Step 3

Rinse the leaves off with warm water once a week to get rid of dust and spider mites. If you notice a severe spider mite infestation (signified by yellow spots on the leaves and white webbing), wash the plant with insecticidal soap, making sure to get under the leaves as well.

Step 4

Weave new growth into the topiary frame, or snip it off with pruning shears if you are satisfied with the shape and size of your topiary.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering tool
  • Insecticidal soap
  • Pruning clippers (optional)


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