Ideas for Landscaping a Small Yard

Small yards can offer big dilemmas to growers. Whether your property is just less than an acre or not much bigger than a postage stamp, learning a few tricks and tips of the trade can lead to big gardening success. Before undergoing any building project, it is wise to check your local laws and regulations for any permits required.

Outdoor Living Area

Small spaces can mean big savings when it comes to landscaping. Try laying a concrete or paver patio floor. This area can be open, partially covered or have a full roof. For a lighter feel and look, using vines to cover the top will allow filtered light to enter. Outdoor furniture will give comfortable seating for partygoers or offer a restful place after a long day of work. Using large, decorative pots planted with fragrant herbs and flowers will not only scent the air, if positioned right they can be used to create rooms within the large room. Using airy plants will keep the rooms from feeling too boxed in. another addition could be an outdoor fireplace. This type of structure adds warm ambiance to the living area while providing a place to roast marshmallows and hot-dogs for your next family get-together.

Miniature Plants and Creative Placements

To get the most species possible in small spaces, try using miniature and dwarf plants. There are several species readily available to gardeners. Growing plants in containers and on shelves will add additional room. Try training various vines up fences and even trees for added color. Using miniature sedum and other tiny succulents will add color as well as texture. Sedum acre requires little care and rewards its growers with long lasting cheerful yellow blossoms all summer long. Many herbs relish being cut back so several can be grown in a small space if kept frequently trimmed. Try also incorporating hanging baskets throughout the landscape. These small touches in spaces that normally would go to waste offer gardeners additional growing room.

Wildlife Rehab Landscape

For those that love wildlife and being hands on in their passion, a small rehab facility is one good use for their yard. Small spaces may limit the species you can keep so sticking to tiny animals such as rodents, butterflies and songbirds will give the opportunity to keep several different creatures. Try incorporating the square foot gardening idea so you can grow enough food for the animals. This idea works equally well for pets. Keeping in close contact with your local government wildlife agency will help you understand any permits you may require before you take animals in.

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