Tips for Starting Garden Seeds

Growing a flower or vegetable garden from seed saves the cost conscious gardener money when compared to buying expensive nursery plants. Consider the length of the growing season for each type of seed plant grown to ensure harvest before an untimely early frost. Start some of the seeds indoors to extend the growing season and transplant into the outdoor garden when the soil warms up.

Seed selection

Growing vegetables from seed starts with getting the best seeds you can find. Purchase quality seed from a reputable dealer. Contamination by weeds or other crops can threaten the health of the garden. Contamination often occurs when using a low quality garden seed.

Seed Types

It's important to choose the type of garden seed that works best for your needs. A standard seed refers to any type of seed used in the flower or vegetable garden. These seed packages have been cleaned of debris, and any weed seeds removed. Dressed seed is a seed treated before packaging. A dusting of fungicide, or perhaps a combination of fungicide and pesticide, has been applied to the seed to help combat disease and insect pests. Seeds that are very tiny are often coated with clay to make them more visible and easy to handle. These seeds are referred to as pelletized seeds. Use pelletized seeds to more easily keep the tiny seeds from being planted too closely together and prevent the waste that later thinning of seedlings or plants will cause.

Quality Seed

Purchase seeds that come with specific crop information, germination percentage expectation and seed variety as well as the usual instructions for sowing instruction and plant needs.

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