How to Grow Fresh Herbs at Home


Herbs are easy to grow and are not picky when it comes to where they are located. Herbs can be grown in the garden, in a planter and even as a colorful, yet useful, addition to your flower beds and landscaping. Growing fresh herbs that you commonly use when cooking allows you to cut them and use them as needed, avoiding the need for storage and possible waste.

How To Grow Fresh Herbs at Home

Step 1

Starting herbs from seeds is the most economical. Simply plant the amount of seeds needed and save the rest for planting the following year.

Step 2

Plant the herbs in well-draining soil and avoid using a multi-purpose plant food. The flavor and scent of herbs tend to be stronger if no supplements are used.

Step 3

Read the package for growing instructions because some herbs spread as they grow. Mint and oregano should be planted in individual planters due to the fact that they are both fast spreading plants.

Step 4

Label the herbs as you plant them. Since all herbs have very distinct flavors, this will avoid adding the wrong herb to a recipe.

Things You'll Need

  • Herb seeds
  • Planters (if needed)
  • Potting soil (if needed)
  • Garden labels


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