How to Stop a Dog From Eating Indoor Plants


Dogs that love to chew and eat just about anything often cannot resist the temptation to taste or consume houseplants. Not only is this bad for the plants, even worse, some houseplants are poisonous and can make your dog very ill. A number of things will deter a dog from eating indoor plants, thus sparing the plant and possibly your dog's health.

Step 1

Place indoor plants in one area of your home and block these areas off with pet gates. Put other plants up high out of the dog's reach.

Step 2

Purchase tall plant stands for medium and small plants. Measure them to make sure the dog cannot reach the plant even if the dog stands on its hind legs. Alternatively, purchase hanging containers, place plants inside and hang from ceiling hooks.

Step 3

Spray plants with a bitter spray purchased at a pet store. Bitter spray will not deter all dogs; some don't seem to mind the bitter taste.

Tips and Warnings

  • If your dog has consumed a houseplant (or even if the dog took only a small bite) and you aren't sure if the plant is toxic, speak with your veterinarian just in case. Be prepared to make an emergency vet trip. Signs of poisoning vary but include digestive disturbance (vomiting and/or diarrhea), panting, fainting and seizures, according to

Things You'll Need

  • Pet gates
  • Tall plant stands
  • Hanging baskets and hooks
  • Bitter spray


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