How to Pick Flowers to Plant in Pots


Plant pots give you the opportunity to add color and interest to any part of your home or yard. They are portable, which makes them perfect for brightening up all kinds of spaces. Plus, you can show off your style with unique containers. When picking flowers to plant in pots, it's essential to take into account the desired aesthetic as well as the growing conditions.

Step 1

Choose annuals for bright color that lasts one season. Annuals have profound blooms and do very well in containers. Pick flowers that bloom continuously through the summer, such as the Daisy Molimba Pink. If they only bloom for a few weeks, you will have to replant the pots during the season.

Step 2

Avoid biennials. They bloom every other year, which is tricky for plant pots.

Step 3

Consider using perennials in plant pots if you want color that returns season after season. The negative side, though, is that perennials tend to have short blooming periods. If you use them, mix a variety of perennials that bloom at different times of year, for lasting color of some kind.

Step 4

Group flowers in pots that have similar water and sunlight needs. The containers won't flourish if one flower needs sunlight and another needs shade.

Step 5

Stick with one hue of flowers for a streamlined, modern look. Choose flowers in all different colors to add flair to a garden or entryway.

Step 6

Plant a tall, erect flower in the center of the pot to act as the dominant plant. Put low-lying plants that contrast or blend with the center one along the edge of the containers. These will spill out of the pot and over the edge.


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