How to Dry the Flowers From an Artichoke


As artichokes ripen in the garden, consider leaving a few behind to mature into flowers. Not only are artichoke flowers a beautiful purple color that will bring the bees and butterflies to your garden, they also dry well for use in dried flower arrangements. You can also harvest artichoke seeds from the flowers for future planting, if you desire.

Step 1

Let artichokes grow into flowers. Each artichoke head will become a round, purple flower.

Step 2

Cut the artichoke flowers near the base of the plant using pruning shears when white, fluffy seeds are visible in the flower's center. Keeping the stems long enables you to tie them together for drying.

Step 3

Gather two or three stems and secure them together tightly near the base with a rubber band.

Step 4

Tie a 6-inch length of string to the rubber band and hang the artichoke flowers upside down in a warm, dry environment. Ample air circulation is also important for suitable drying.

Step 5

Leave the artichoke flowers hanging until they feel brittle to the touch. Drying time can take up to two or three weeks, depending upon the humidity level.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Rubber band
  • String


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