How to Plant Cherry Tomato Seeds


Cherry tomato varieties are easy to grow and make a tasty snack right from the garden. Cherry tomatoes, like their larger companions, require lots of sun, water and healthy soil. You can sow seeds in the garden once all danger of frost has passed, but this will likely mean weak plants and a shorter season. Sow cherry tomato seeds indoors six to eight weeks before your region's expected last frost for the best results.

Step 1

Soak seed starting mix with warm water. Dry mixes are more difficult to work with. Let the mix sit overnight. The mix, when planting, should be damp, but not soggy.

Step 2

Fill a planting cell, a container used for seed starting, with the seed starting mix.

Step 3

Place one to two cherry tomato seeds in the cell 1/4-inch deep and pack the soil over the top of the seeds. Wait to sow seeds until six to eight weeks before your last frost.

Step 4

Place the planting cell in a warm location, one that is consistently 70 to 80 degrees F. Once germination occurs, move the plant to a south-facing window in full sun or place under grow lights.

Step 5

Water plants daily with a light mist of water, until soil is moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed starting mix
  • Planting cell


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  • Park Seed Garden Journal: Growing Tomato Plants from Seed

Who Can Help

  • University of Illinois Extension: Tomato
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