Instructions for Homemade Plant Supports


Plants such as tomatoes, small fruit trees, beans, raspberries, and others that have to bear weight when they start growing their fruit need to be supported so that the fruit doesn't touch the ground and stalks don't snap. This also helps to prevent still-borne disease. Plant supports are a simple and easy thing to make for your garden and will not only help your plants grow more efficiently but also keep the look of your garden more organized as a whole, and maximize growing space.

Step 1

Prepare soil for supports by simply making sure that there aren't any rocks near the bases of the plants in need of support.

Step 2

Place a 6-foot dowel into the ground about 4 inches away from the plant's stem. Use a hammer to drive the dowel into the ground so that at least 1 foot is below ground. Wooden dowels should preferably be 1 inch in diameter, but 1/2 inch works if that is all you can find. Square or round dowels work equally well.

Step 3

Place the rest of the dowels, one dowel per plant. If you have numerous plants, such as 20 tomato plants that are planted grid-like near each other, then you may be able to place one dowel between every two plants and thus use 10 dowels for supports instead of 20.

Step 4

Cut sections of the twine or metal wire that are at least 12 inches long. At first you will need only one piece for each plant, but as the plants grow you will need to add another level of twine to tie them to the support, so you may wish to precut more pieces now.

Step 5

Tie the twine or wire around the dowel support and around the stem of the plant. This first tie should be placed about 6 inches from the ground, and then as the plants grow, place another one every 6 to 10 inches.

Things You'll Need

  • 6-foot dowels
  • Garden gloves
  • Metal wire or twine
  • Hammer


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