How to Take Care of a Misty Rose Anthurium


Anthuriums are attractive tropical plants that feature colorful spathes (large modified leaves) atop long, slender stems that are surrounded by glossy green leaves. Desirable for their showy tropical appearance, anthuriums are popular with home gardeners as both outdoor and indoor plants, but because they require a warm, humid environment, they are most commonly grown indoors. The Misty Rose cultivar features pale pink spathes and an upright growing habit. Sometimes called Flamingo flowers, these plants will bloom continuously if given proper care, according to information published by the University of Florida.

Step 1

Place or plant your Misty Rose anthurium where it will receive bright but indirect sunlight. Plants placed in too much shade will not bloom, according to information published by the Missouri Botanical Gardens, but direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. Morning sun followed by dappled shade is good, as is a south-facing window or one that is filtered by a curtain for indoor plants.

Step 2

Use a soil mixture that drains well. Too much water in the soil will rot the shallow roots of this delicate flower. The Misty Rose will tolerate sandy or loamy soil, according to the University of Florida, but not heavy, wet clay soil. Use a potting medium that has a lot of peat moss or coarse sand included, or amend your outdoor soil with these ingredients if necessary.

Step 3

Water enough so that the soil is continually moist, but not soggy. Cover the top of the soil with sphagnum moss to add nutrients and help the soil retain moisture.

Step 4

Provide humidity for your Misty Rose anthurium. If the humidity level drops below 50 percent, the leaves may turn dull and the plant may even die, according to information from the University of Florida. Place your plant on a humidity tray. Fill a shallow tray with pebbles and enough water to barely cover the pebbles, then rest your pot on the pebbles. As the water evaporates, it will add humidity to the air.

Step 5

Monitor for insects. Mites, mealybugs and scale can sometimes present problems in anthuriums, according to the University of Florida. Rinse insect pests off the plant with a strong stream of water, or treat the flower with an insecticidal soap.

Things You'll Need

  • Peat moss
  • Coarse sand
  • Watering tool
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Insecticidal soap (optional)


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