Homemade Trellis for Beans


Indeterminate beans, or pole beans, produce long vines that need vertical support to keep the plant from sprawling on the ground where the bean pods are more susceptible to pests and disease. Though you can purchase a pre-made trellis at most garden stores, a simple teepee trellis can be constructed at home and quickly assembled and disassembled at the start and end of the bean season.

Step 1

Pound an 8-foot bamboo pole or wood stake 2 feet into the ground so that the total above-ground height is 6 feet.

Step 2

Insert another pole or stake a foot away from the first pole.

Step 3

Pound the final and third pole a foot below the first two poles and centered between the positions of the original two poles. The three upright poles should now form the points of an equilateral triangle if viewed from above, with each of the points spaced 12 inches apart.

Step 4

Pull the top of the three poles inward at the top to create a teepee-like structure. Tie the tops together securely with garden twine.

Step 5

Plant the bean seeds under the trellis. The University of Minnesota recommends planting up to four bean seeds at the bottom of each of the trellis poles, spacing each seed apart by 4 inches. As the bean plants grow, wrap their flexible tendrils around the pole in an upward manner.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 8-foot bamboo poles or wood stakes
  • Mallet
  • Garden twine


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