Planting With Rabbit Manure


Rabbit manure creates a high-quality organic soil conditioner. The controlled diet of confined rabbits produces lightweight, easy to transport, weed-free manure pellets. The University of Minnesota Extension Office recommends incorporating organic manure into garden soil to improve water-holding capability and texture. Composted rabbit manure slowly releases nitrogen and vital micro-nutrients into your garden soil, gently supplementing the fertilization needs of your plants.

Step 1

Collect the rabbit manure. Incorporate directly into your garden soil if you use red worms to compost the manure under the cages (vermicompost method). Work into the top 2 inches of the garden, top-dress your lawn or incorporate into your potting mixes.

Step 2

Transfer fresh rabbit pellets and manure mixed with bedding material to a composting area or till directly into your garden plot. Delay planting until decomposed as fresh manure draws nitrogen out of the soil. The soil must be warm for efficient composting to take place.

Step 3

Apply fresh rabbit manure at a rate of 12 lbs. per 50 square feet. Till into the top 3 inches of garden soil.

Step 4

Compost rabbit manure for safe use on food plants. The National Organic Program recommends allowing the manure to break down in the soil or compost area for a minimum of 120 days to prevent transfer of disease.

Step 5

Spread fresh rabbit manure directly on non-food crop gardens as mulch. Keep away from plant stems to avoid fertilizer burn. Follow your regular fertilization method; nutrients are not available in fresh manure.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not mulch food plants with rabbit manure. Do not use rabbit manure (fresh or composted) with food plants if your animals take antibiotics or medications.

Things You'll Need

  • Rabbit manure


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Who Can Help

  • NMSU Cooperative Extension Service: Vermicomposting
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