How to Install Garden Irrigation


If you're a home owner you recognize that your yard and its landscape are always changing. Plants die or become diseased, and must be replaced. Small shrubs mature and suddenly need more room. Plant beds need to be enlarged or reshaped. There's no end to the requirements of a growing landscape. When new gardens are created irrigation must be installed. You can easily install a drip irrigation system to keep your garden watered.

Step 1

Measure the length of your garden, and add ten feet to your total. This is how much drip irrigation line you need.

Step 2

Lay the drip line down the center of your garden. This is your main line. Cut off any excess from the main line. Determine what areas of the garden are too remote to receive water from the main line. Measure the distance from the main line to the area where you need water. Cut these lengths from the excess line, and position them in the garden.

Step 3

Insert tee fittings in the main line at every point where you've determined you require drip line for a remote area of the garden. Do this by using the tubing cutter to sever the line. Use the tee fitting to join the two severed lines by firmly pushing the fitting into both lines. Attach the excess line to the remaining part of the tee fitting.

Step 4

Use the punch tool to create a hole in the main line every two feet. Insert emitters into each hole. Do the same for the lengths of line that have branched off the main line.

Step 5

Place an end cap on the ends of the lines that have branched off, and on one end of the main line. On the remaining end of the main line insert a hose adapter. Attach your garden hose to the adapter, and gently turn on the water.

Things You'll Need

  • tape measure
  • drip irrigation line
  • tubing cutter
  • hole punch
  • drip irrigation tees
  • drip irrigation emitters
  • end caps
  • hose adapter
  • hold down stakes


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  • Colorado State University: Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens
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