How to Make Fresh Rose Bouquets


One of the most popularly used bouquet and arrangement flowers, roses vary in size, color, length and scent. Several ways to make bouquets exist, and making your own bouquet from fresh roses proves to be an easy-to-achieve task that is only limited by your own creativity. From elaborate wedding bouquets to simplistic table-top arrangements and corsages, using fresh roses in your arrangements provides beauty, texture and sweet aromas to your environment.

Step 1

Spread out the 12-inch-by-12-inch square of lace fabric on a flat surface in front of you.

Step 2

Choose a variety of roses--up to a dozen. Roses vary in color from white to deep red with several color variations in between.

Step 3

Choose an assortment of differing flowers to add as accents to the rose bouquet. Pretty and fragrant choices include sprigs of lilac, snapdragons, carnations, tulips and baby's breath among many others.

Step 4

Arrange the roses in a bundle in the center of the lace material. Make sure the blooms of the roses are overlapping the top of the material by at least 3 inches.

Step 5

Place a few of the different types of flowers along the outside of the roses. Make sure they overlap the edge of the fabric like the roses do.

Step 6

Wrap the fabric, and the flowers with it, into a cone-like receptacle around the bouquet of roses and assorted blossoms.

Step 7

Secure the lace material into place by adhering it to itself with a dot of hot glue.

Step 8

Choose ribbons of silk that match the theme of your rose bouquet. Colors vary from white to black with virtually every color in between. Tie the ribbon around the lace wrap of the bouquet and tie it off into a bow.

Step 9

Dump a liberal amount of loose glitter onto a newspaper in a mound. Choose any color of glitter you wish to incorporate with the design of your bouquet.

Step 10

Spray two or three (or more) pipe cleaners liberally with spray adhesive and roll them around in the loose glitter to coat them with the shimmering substance.

Step 11

Insert each glitter pipe cleaner into the bouquet in random places to add a touch of glamor to the arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • Lace fabric, 12 inches by 12 inches
  • Assorted roses
  • Assorted flower varieties
  • Ribbons
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glitter (loose)
  • Newspaper
  • Spray glue
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