Daisy Petal Ideas

With their colorful petal colors and delicate shape, daisy petals create a cheerful and showy display. Grown in a wide variety, daisies are a good fit for both formal and causal occasions, depending upon how they are used. Tucked along a centerpiece for an outdoor occasion or scattered over a bubble bath, daisy petals take center stage and bring a soft and vibrant touch.

Festive Occasion

Daisy petals come in a wide range of colors and sizes to use for festive occasions like dinner parties and weddings. The petals of daisy flowers are sometimes solid in color or tinged with different shades, making for a rainbow of color. Strewn along a pathway or down the center of a dinner party table, they create a flower-filled area to admire during special occasions. Lay ox-eye and shasta daisy petals, both white, down an isle for a spring wedding. Scatter them randomly down the aisle and walking paths for friends and family. A little goes a long way with white flowers because they stand out nicely, especially for an outdoor wedding where the ceremony is held on grass. For a fall or winter wedding or party, use the bright yellow and orange petals of the South African daisy.


Scatter daisy flower petals on guest tables at weddings and parties. Nestle them around votive candles to create a romantic setting and one that adds brilliant bursts of color to the space. Dahlberg daisies, also called shooting star, have bright yellow to orange petals that are small and ideal for scattering around any tabletop display. Another fun way to decorate with daisy petals is accenting tasty treats like cakes and cupcakes with the petals. Celebratory cakes like birthday and wedding cakes look striking with edible English daisy petals covering the cake. Add the petals to champagne trays to bring a whimsical touch to the party. Food trays lined with petals on a hors d'oeuvres platter will dress up a display.


Accent your home with floating daisy petals used as a focal point to an entryway foyer. To create the design, fill a glass bowl such as a small round fish tank with water. Rest the petals over the water to create a classic floating petal centerpiece. To accent the petals, add floating candles to the bowl to provide a warm glow. Add daisy petals to a bowl filled with fragrant potpourri, or mix in sprigs of lavender and mint.

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