How Can I Stop Moss From Growing on My Lawn?


Mosses, like other lawn weeds, are opportunistic and take advantage of sparsely growing lawn areas. The best defense against moss is a healthy, full lawn environment. Optimizing lawn grass health through cultural practices is the best method of stopping and preventing future mosses from invading. Existing moss should be chemically treated or physically removed.

Step 1

Remove existing moss by vigorously raking the moss with a metal rake. Mosses have thin, shallow root systems that are usually easy to remove.

Step 2

Spray a moss-killing lawn product over any persistent or hard-to-remove moss patches. Herbicides that contain ferrous sulfate or ferrous ammonium sulfate are effective at killing moss. They are not harmful to grass or the environment.

Step 3

Trim back adjacent trees, branches and shrubs with outdoor trimmers to increase sunlight on the lawn. Mosses thrive in shady environments, whereas grasses prefer direct sunlight.

Step 4

Sprinkle lawn lime over the turfgrass by using a spreader to increase the pH of the topsoil. Moss frequently grows in low pH topsoil environments. Adding lawn lime can aid in stopping it from growing and promote grass growth.

Step 5

Water the lawn deeply, at infrequent intervals, using a water hose or sprinkler system. Heavy, infrequent watering supports grass root growth. Shallow, frequent watering tends to saturate only the uppermost layers of soil, supporting moss spore germination.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal rake
  • Moss herbicide
  • Outdoor trimmers
  • Lawn lime
  • Spreader
  • Water hose


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