How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes at Home


The sweet yet tart flavor of cherry tomatoes is great in salads or by themselves. While you can buy cherry tomatoes at the grocery store, it is relatively easy to grow cherry tomatoes at home. All you need is a good planter or a small plot of land in your backyard. After you plant your tomato seedlings, you should expect to be harvesting ripe tomatoes within 50 to 90 days.

Step 1

Fill a 3-gallon planter with potting soil up to 1 inch from the top. If working in the ground, dig the soil to loosen it up to 10 inches deep, add a shovelful of compost to the area and mix it in.

Step 2

Set your tomato seedling into the planter or ground, planting half of the seedling under the soil, leaving the upper half of the plant above ground. Remove leaves from the bottom half of the plant before placing it in the hole; this will help your plant develop more roots. Replace the loose soil around the seedling and lightly tamp it down. If you are planting more than one cherry tomato plant, space them 2 feet apart in a row.

Step 3

Insert a garden stake into the ground 2 or 3 inches away from the seedling. Keep the stake away from your seedling's roots.

Step 4

Water the seedling thoroughly. Keep the soil moist for the first four weeks of growth to allow the plant to recover from being transplanting. After the first four weeks, water more deeply as often as needed to ensure the plant receives an inch of water a week.

Step 5

Tie the main stem of the cherry tomato plant to the stake loosely with plant ties to keep the plant from drooping when fruits start to form.

Step 6

Feed your cherry tomato plant with a low-nitrogen fertilizer every three weeks until you see small tomatoes forming on the plant. Fertilizing after fruiting will only lead to more foliage and smaller fruits.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid wetting the leaves and stems of the plant when you water to prevent diseases.

Things You'll Need

  • Planter
  • Potting soil
  • Shovel or hand trowel
  • Garden soil or compost
  • Garden stake
  • Water
  • Plant ties
  • Low-nitrogen fertilizer


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