Tomato Plant Care Using Coffee Grounds


Gardeners who pride themselves on their tomato-growing skills often have tricks and strategies they use to increase yields and grow larger tomatoes. Many of these tricks originate in the kitchen with refuse that people usually throw away. Increase the nitrogen content of the soil around your tomato plants by using coffee grounds. When you sprinkle coffee grounds lightly around your tomato plants, you may be surprised at your sizable and bountiful tomato harvest.

Step 1

Shake used coffee grounds carefully over the soil in a 1/2-inch layer. Keep the coffee grounds 2 inches away from the center stem and cover the soil out to the drip line of the tomato plant.

Step 2

Use the hand rake to work the coffee grounds into the soil completely. Do not leave the coffee grounds on the surface of the soil, because they may develop mold and decay if you do not work them into the soil.

Step 3

Water the soil where you added the coffee grounds after you work the grounds into the soil. If you expect rain to fall within the same day, forgo watering. Otherwise, saturate the soil evenly with water.

Things You'll Need

  • Used coffee grounds
  • Hand rake


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