How to Take Care of Bamboo Houseplants


Bamboo houseplants, usually known as lucky bamboo, are durable stalks that are often displayed in glass vases. The plants are anchored by rocks and sit in several inches of water. Bamboo houseplants require very little in terms of care. Every few weeks, you should rinse out the vase and replace the water. Additionally, they may need a dose of very diluted liquid plant food two or three times a year. This plant food supplies the bamboo with the minerals it can't get from water alone.

Step 1

Place lucky bamboo house plants in areas that get bright, indirect light. Artificial light, such as that from fluorescent lighting in an office, is sufficient for these plants. Direct light can burn the leaves.

Step 2

Fill a small bowl with water and allow it to sit in the open container for about 24 hours. This distills the water, removing harmful chemicals that can damage the plant.

Step 3

Grip the bamboo stalk gently and slide it out of the vase. Place the bamboo on a folded paper towel.

Step 4

Overturn the vase into a fine mesh strainer and rinse the rocks with cool water. Wash out the vase with water only and pour the rocks back into the bottom.

Step 5

Slide the lucky bamboo stalk into the center of the vase, anchoring it in the rocks so it stands upright. Fill the bottom of the vase with several inches of distilled water.

Step 6

Add fertilizer to the water several times per year. Use a liquid fertilizer formulated for house plants, diluted to one-tenth of its recommended rate. For example, if the container says to use one part fertilizer mixed with one part water, use one part fertilizer mixed with 10 parts water for the bamboo.

Things You'll Need

  • Small bowl
  • Paper towels
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Liquid fertilizer formulated for houseplants


  • Caring for Lucky Bamboo Plants
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