How to Grow Vegetables on Your Apartment Deck


Living in an apartment should not hinder you from growing fresh vegetables on the deck or patio. By utilizing sunny locations and a few containers, you can grow a variety of plants during the course of the season. Keep in mind that not all vegetable varieties are conducive to container gardening because of their size. Read the planting instructions noting the size of the plant as well as the size of vegetable it produces. It is not necessary to limit your planting to containers that are conventionally used for plants. Many household containers can be used for growing vegetables other than traditional flower pots.

Step 1

Plant potatoes and other root vegetables in 5-gallon buckets. Root vegetables need deep, well-drained soil in order to grow properly. Drill three to five holes in the bottom of each bucket to allow for proper drainage.

Step 2

Use wide flower pots to grow vegetables such as lettuce and other leafy greens. Such plants do not require room for deep roots but do require enough room to spread out wide. While most vegetables require full sun locations, leafy greens do well in partial sun or shady areas.

Step 3

Use recycled milk or water jugs to plant small plants such as peppers and herbs.

Step 4

Grow tomatoes and some varieties of peas and beans in planters that are large enough to support a cage, trellis or just a simple wooden dowel. These plants need additional support because they are climbing vines. Or try the varieties of tomatoes that can be grown in a hanging basket.

Step 5

Use large plastic storage totes to grow vegetables that need room to spread out, such as squash and melons.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Variety of planting containers
  • Drill


  • Container Gardening
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