How to Clean a Queen Palm


Queen palms are tropical trees that during the spring and summer months put on a display of orange or yellow flowers. They usually requires little watering, except perhaps during droughts and during the wintertime when rain is typically scarce. However, queen palms are notorious for leaving a mess under their beautiful and long fronds---some of which grow up to 15 feet. While you can clean under your queen palm at any time, the canopy should be cleaned at least once a year.

Step 1

Wait until the winter season to prune your queen palm when it is in its slowest growth period. Wear heavy work gloves and a long sleeve shirt for this job.

Step 2

Get a partner and use a ladder, if necessary, to reach the top of your tree. Use common sense on your ladder and prioritize your safety over the tree. For example, have your friend hold the bottom of your ladder and be sure that nobody is directly under where you are pruning. If you can't safely reach a frond no matter how you move the ladder, let it be and call in professionals, if desired.

Step 3

Use a saw to remove the fronds that are yellow or dead. Saw it off 3 inches from the trunk of the tree. Do not remove fronds that are growing vertically. This can cause the tree to become weak and grow a thin, narrow trunk.

Step 4

Clean up around the base of the tree. Gather up the dropped fronds, as well as any other debris lying around. Continue throughout the year to keep the area under your tree clean in order to help prevent insect infestations and disease from spreading.

Things You'll Need

  • Saw
  • Ladder


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