How to Change the Wheels on a Honda Lawn Mower


Inevitably, you'll need to change the wheels on your Honda lawn mower. Unlike riding lawn mower tires, push mower wheels are replaced as whole units. The wheels are usually made of nylon instead of rubber. Although wheels will not go flat, they will wear out and break or even seize on the retaining bolt. Full sets of replacement wheels are available at home improvement centers or Honda authorized dealers.

Step 1

Place your Honda lawn mower on flat surface such as your garage floor. Raise one side of your mower and position two pieces of wood under the deck edge between the front and back wheel. Set the mower down on the wood to keep the wheels on that side off the ground.

Step 2

Place an open-end wrench from your wrench set on the wheel bolt retaining nut under the deck. Each wheel rotates on a bolt that serves as an axle. Remove the bolt from the wheel with a socket wrench. Pull the wheel away from the mower. Watch for washers that may be between the wheel and the mower deck when you remove the wheel.

Step 3

Pull the bolt out of the old wheel and insert the bolt through the center of the new wheel.

Step 4

Place any spacer washers over the bolt on the back side of the wheel. Insert the bolt through the hole on the mower deck and thread the retaining nut by hand until the nut is hand-tight.

Step 5

Hold the retaining nut with a wrench and tighten the bolt with a socket wrench. Repeat for the three remaining wheels.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 blocks of wood
  • Wrench set
  • Socket set


  • Manuals Online: Honda Harmony II Owner's Manual
  • Manuals Online: Honda Rotary Mower Owner's Manual
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