Ways to Kill Pampas Grass

Though it is grown as an ornamental in many parts of the country, pampas grass is not on everyone's desirable plant list. Burning is not effective in killing pampas grass; it will in fact help it in growing more lush and vibrant the next season. Chemical control or manual removal is the best method of eradication.

Manual Control

Labor intensive as it may be, manual control can be a successful way of removing pampas grass. Digging out the entire root ball is imperative for this to be successful. In order to avoid the serrated edges of the pampas grass blades using garden shears, wearing pants, gloves and long sleeves is important. Cutting the foliage short will aid in getting around the plant quicker. The discarded plants can be composted.

Chemical Control

Usually a last resort, there are times when chemicals are needed for the eradication of invasive plants. Chemicals that will successfully kill pampas grass are glyphosate and hexazinone. The foliage can be cut back prior to application or left intact. Success has been found with both techniques. Applying a preemergent to the area may help in preventing fallen seeds from sprouting.

Preventative Control

To ensure pampas grass does not return later on, try planting species that are more desirable in its place. Locate grasses or other fast growing plants native to your area. Native plants are specially adapted to local growing conditions so will take to their planting sites quickly. Healthy plants that are allowed to fill in thickly will shade out seeds and seedlings; this could prevent invasive pampas (and other plants) from taking hold.

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