How to Grow Pomegranates in Nevada


The pomegranate is a sweet fruit that contains juicy, pulp-covered seeds. It grows in a variety of climates. A deciduous shrub, pomegranate thrives especially well in dry, arid climates such as parts of the southwestern United States. It features brightly colored blossoms and crimson colored, bulbous fruits. Growing a pomegranate tree in Nevada is achievable as well as worth the patience needed for maintaining it. Pomegranates thrive in USDA Zones 7b to 11.

Step 1

Choose a sunny spot in your yard in which to plant the pomegranate seedling. Wet the ground to loosen it for planting. Nevada soil is high in alkalinity, giving it an advantage in nourishing a pomegranate tree. Pomegranate is a tolerant plant that grows well in ordinary desert dirt.

Step 2

Dig approximately nine inches into the earth. Chop at the large chunks of ground to break them apart.

Step 3

Fill the hole halfway with loosened earth. Place the pomegranate seedling, carefully, into the hole. Make sure the stalk and leaves of the plant are above ground level.

Step 4

Form a mound of dirt around the seedling, and hollow out a welled area between the plant and dirt mound.

Step 5

Water the pomegranate tree every two to four weeks during the summer months. Give it about five gallons of water each time.

Step 6

Maintain the pomegranate tree for three years before it reaches fruit-bearing maturity. Keep it on the bi-weekly watering schedule during the dry season.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Established pomegranate seedling


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